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Stop Paying High Commissions

Stop paying huge commissions to the third party for the services. Pay only the actual cost and save your hard earned money. We charge very small commission and service provider gets the most of the payment.

Be a Part of Our Transparent Model

We offer a very transparent model to the customers as well as to the service providers. Customers get the service directly from the provider and their will not be any third person for assignments.

The Choice will be Yours

You will have the choice to select the service provider you want to have for your need. Why to compromise with your favourite brand

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Let The Professionals Work for Your Comfort!

We ensure the basic quality checks and professionalism and you get the services you can rely on.

We provide service professionals across many domains including Electricians, Plumbers, Beauty and Salon, Interior Designers, Make-up Artists etc.

affordable home servicesHigh-Quality and Friendly
Services at Fair Prices

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Meet The Team People behind our success

Sanu Kumar Gupta
Co-Founder & The Tech Guy

Sanu has 7 years of experience in design and development of tech infrastructure. He is an alumni of NIT Durgapur and has worked in Tower Research Capital for three years.

Akash Pal
Co-Founder & The Operations Guy

When it comes to understanding the key aspects of business operations, we shout the name of Akash. Akash has 5 years of experience in managing and building the company.

Dhananjay Kumar Gupta
Co-Founder & The Marketing Guy

Dhananjay posses 2+ years of experience in marketing. He has dealt with diverse group of organizations and customers.

Namrata Priya
Head, Human Resources

Namrata is effectively planning, designing, developing and evaluating human resource related initiatives that support organizational strategic goals for past 3 years.